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Yes has your Excel exhibition staff! As event venues go, Excel London has to be one of the greatest in the world with some of the most iconic exhibitions and events in the UK and thousands of people flocking to see them from all over the world.  With so many people attending these events you want to make sure you never miss a lead and capture everyone’s details. It’s also one of the world’s largest exhibition venues and having experienced local staff with a great knowledge of the area can be a huge asset, especially when your travelling down from other parts of the country.

Recent events

We recently supplied a large number of Yes People to work on the world famous Comic Con exhibition at Excel. This world famous event attracts huge crowds from all over the UK and across Europe and is well known for it’s flamboyant and eye catching costumes worn by attendees. Our Excel exhibition staff were working for a range of brands across many different stands from computer games to experiential activities and photo ops. Our staff just love working on Comic Con and for many it’s the highlight of the year!

Yes People supply experienced, professional and engaging Excel exhibition staff who work there almost every week and can cater for any stand size. As we only use local staff they have fantastic experience with the venue and if you haven’t exhibited there yourself you’ll find our staff can assist with valuable info on the site and it’s facilities.
Our exhibition staff can help with;

  • data capture
  • sampling
  • leafleting
  • lead generation
  • product sales and much more

If you need Excel exhibition staff just say YES and enquire here or below;

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Excel exhibition staff
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Excel Exhibition Staff