Leafleting FAQs

We’re often asked about the do’s and don’t of leafleting so we thought we’d put together a hand FAQs for you.

How many leaflets can your team give out during a shift?

This is tricky one because if you’re leafleting outside Oxford Circus at 5.30pm on a lovely sunny day you’ll be giving one out every few seconds.

If, however, you’re standing in a small town high street at 3pm on a rainy day you’d be lucky to give out one an hour!

Can I leaflet anywhere I want?

There are some areas where you can leaflet without permission but there are many where you’ll need to contact your local council.

Here’s a handy link to the find out if you can leaflet in your area and what permissions you’ll need.

Does leafleting work?

Absolutely but it really depends on a few factors;

  • What your giving out

Make sure your leaflet is eye catching!

  • What you’re offering

The better and clearer the offer the more successful the campaign

  • Location, location, location!

Make sure the area you’re leafleting has great footfall and targets your demographic

  • The weather

Sadly no one can control the weather but choosing areas with optional cover is a good idea

  • Branding and team size

Having branded clothing makes a huge difference and also statistically people feel more comfortable accepting leaflets when there is more than one person

How much does it cost?

This really depends on how many staff you need and how many hours.

Drop us an email here or call us on 0203 627 1116 for a quote!

What different options do you have?

The most popular leafleting options are;

  • Hand to hand

This is the best known and arguably the most effective. Putting promotional material directly into someone’s hands is the quickest way to get your message across.

  • Door to door

This is also highly popular and can be just as effective but is very brand dependant. For example, home delivery services (e.g takeaways & online retailers) fair much better than high street shops and outlets.

  • Leaflet drops

This involves dropping bundles of leaflets at businesses for them to distribute. This can be very effective but there needs to be a lot of ground work before the activity and relationships must already be established with the businesses you leave the leaflets at for this to work.

What are the best times to leaflet?

This really depends on your brand. For example, a coffee brand might want to get people early where a restaurant might want to target people mid to late afternoon.

I want to target commuters can you help?

We can indeed! We have a specially designed ‘Commuter Split Shift’ where the staff work a 6 hour split shift usually 7am-10 and then 4-7pm which target both rush hours.


If you’re looking for a leafleting team for your brand just enquire below, email us or call us on 0203 627 1116.

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