Pop Up Shop Staff

If you need reliable and engaging Pop Up Shop staff, then you’ve arrived at the right place! All across the country Pop Up shops are literally popping up delighting shoppers and upping the bar on the retail experience.

With social distancing Pop Up Shops are creative and unique way to engage consumers and with the majority of Pop Up Shops being outside it’s a much safer way to showcase your products and services in an environment where shoppers can relax and enjoy your brand experience.

We have retail staff for hire across the entire UK from Colchester to Chester, Glasgow to Guildford and Stockport to Sheffield! We train our staff to the highest levels and have a through screening process and only work with staff we’ve actually met. Everyone in the Yes People office has at least 10 years promo experience tucked under their belt, so we have great experience in what makes a great brand ambassador!

Recent activities

We recently provided Pop Up Shop staff for an amazing outdoor activity from Tony’s Chocolonely, check out the activity here. The event was held in Covent Garden and was a big success with customers and the staff having a fantastic time! As well as this Yes People has helped with staff on Pop Up Shops for countless brands and services, check out our Recent Campaigns for more.

Safety is always our number one priority and all staff working will strictly adhere to all Government guidelines on social distancing and will be provided with gloves and face masks.

If you need staff for your Pop Up Shop just say YES and contact us below or email us here or call us on 0203 627 1116

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Pop Up Shop Staff


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