5 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas That Your Colleagues Will Love!

Your Christmas Party doesn’t have to be cancelled this year! We’ve got the perfect alternative to a live event, check out these 5 Virtual Christmas Party ideas that you and your colleagues (and your boss) will love! Virtual events can never truly replace the glamour, ambiance and excitement of the real thing but it’s much better than having nothing at all and, most importantly, you can still have a huge amount of fun!

1. Dress to impress!

Just because you’re not actually going ‘Out Out’ doesn’t mean you can’t dress up like it! Give your virtual event a theme, make it fancy dress, 80’s, Star Wars or just classic Black Tie. Getting ready for a night out is half the fun, choosing an outfit, sending a pic to your friends, changing your outfit (for 12th time) and fixing the perfect cocktail so having dress code is a must! And the beauty of a virtual party is you don’t have to brave brave the winter weather and to wait for a taxi!

Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

Virtual Party Magician

2. Add a bit of Magic!

Don’t make it ‘just another Zoom call’ add a Virtual Entertainer, like a close hand Magician and add a touch of magic to your virtual Xmas party! Let’s be honest, offices parties can sometimes be a bit awkward, especially at the start before everybody has had a few (responsible) drinks and got into the party spirit. What you need is an ice breaker to kick off the event while everybody relaxes into the evening; a close hand magician or caricaturist will give your colleagues a spellbinding virtual treat!

3. Build a shared Spotify playlist

Never underestimate the power of music! Hearing your favourite song (especially after a couple of glasses of fizz) makes you feel great doesn’t it? Why not build a Spotify playlist to have on in the background and get everyone moving! You can make it collaborative and your colleagues can add their favourite tunes in themselves or, (this is probably the safer option) you can get them to send you the songs and you can curate the playlist yourself. This way you’ll be able to do a bit of quality control in case there’s any songs that are slightly too wild! Want to really give your colleagues a night to remember? Consider booking a Virtual Musician or DJ!

Virtual party ideas

Virtual wine tasting

4. Send your colleagues a bottle!

Rather than ask your colleagues to bring there own drinks (could be risky depending on what’s in the cupboard!) why not buy them a bottle and, get make sure you get it delivered in time for the big day. Make it a surprise and it’ll help add an extra layer of excitement to the night! Maybe just the one bottle though, just to be safe! If you want to go the extra mile you could even add some Virtual Wine Tasting or Cocktail Making to your event!

5. Hire a Virtual Party Host

Hire a virtual party what?! Hang on a second, let’s think about your last work Zoom meeting, was someone late? Did someone join with a bad connection and what about that rouge person who tried to join that no one knew?! A Virtual Party Host can help admit everyone into the Virtual event who is supposed to be there! They can introduce entertainment, make sure everything runs on time and much more! Having a host can who can meet and greet your colleagues will help add a human touch and contribute to making it feel more like a real live party! When it comes to Virtual Christmas Party Ideas this can be a game changer!

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